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The Colony, Texas

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Holley-Riddle Post 21

Commanders Message

Commander’s Report February 2019
I am pleased to announce that Patrick Johnson has accepted the appointment to be our Color Guard Commander.  He has served on the Color Guard for several years and has a passion for what they do and how they represent us in the community.
I am also pleased to report that Mary Garcia has accepted the appointment to be our Honor Guard Commander.  Although a newer member, she serves on the Honor Guard of the Veteran Women of America organization and can bring best practices to or Honor Guard.  Mary has a strong interest in ensuring we provide the comfort and support the families of fallen or deceased veterans want and deserve.  She also has a strong desire to ensure we are as sharp as we can be.
Both individuals will serve as Vice Commander for the other, thereby ensuring coordination between the Color Guard and Honor Guard.  That is especially important when it comes to training, making assignments, and assisting all color and honor guard members to be fully outfitted and looking good.  What we do via these two guard units has a tremendous impact on our visibility and reputation in the community.  Thank you both for volunteering to take on these important responsibilities and agreeing to fully coordinate activities.
At this point I believe it is appropriate to again thank Steve Hines for his terrific service with the Honor Guard for these last many years.  He has gained the respect of everyone in this organization and throughout the community.  It is important too that we realize he is not going away, and that his “retirement” from the Honor Guard is based only on the diminishing time he has available to lead this group.  He has assured me he will be available to assist our two new commanders, and both have indicated a strong desire to have him remain as active as he can be.   So again, Thank You Steve Hines!
As I have assessed where we are as a Post today, it becomes apparent that we must reaffirm our desire to make this organization bigger and better and more active.  There is much we can do to increase our visibility in the community.  I am meeting with our Officers one-on-one to pick their brains on ideas we can consider and implement.   Really interesting ideas have been put forth!  I will meet with our Adjutant and Vice Commanders to flush out the opportunities and then make assignments.  The committees and task forces we will need going forward will include a much broader representation amongst the membership. 
An example of a new opportunity to increase visibility for the Post is the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the American Legion.  On Friday, March 15th this great national organization becomes 100 years old!  What an opportunity to celebrate!  We will hold an open house here on Saturday, March 16th, from 1:00pm to 6:00pm whereby we show off the Iwo Jima statue, open our canteen for fellowship, enjoy playing pool, Lucky Pucks, and cornhole.  Refreshments will be served, and we have asked the Sons to cook hamburgers and hot dogs, etc.  The intent is to make this a festive community event.  We will promote it on our website immediately, ask to put it on the Chamber of Commerce website and have them to promote it via their member communications, ask the city to put it on their website, contact The Colony Courier-Leader to run an article or two, and utilize other social media forums.  We want volunteers to help!  Please let me know you will be part of this celebration!
Comradery is a big part of what we should expect by being members.  A couple of people I have talked to suggest that it would be good to open the Post for coffee a couple of mornings a week.  We will explore that and other ideas soon.
A family has offered us World War II memorabilia from a recently deceased family member.  Our Historian was asked to propose a policy that would provide guidance for what we should accept and under what circumstances.  He formed a Task Force and they proposed the following, which was subsequently approved by the membership at our February meeting.
A committee will be created to review all potentially donated items.  The committee will be made up of the Post Historian and others to be designated.  The committee will review the items or artifacts using the following criteria.
            A.  Items or artifacts should be of historical value or significance.
            B.  The Post should be able to properly display the item or artifact.
            C.   The Post should be able to properly maintain the item of artifact.
            D.  The display of the items or artifacts must meet city, state and federal ordinances and laws where applicable.
If the above criteria cannot be met the policy guidelines, the Post should pass on the acceptance of the item or artifact.
At our February 14th Post members meeting our Adjutant Pat Zuczek reminded everyone that one of the benefits of being a member of the American Legion is access to free Accidental Death Insurance Coverage.  The LegionCare police pays $5,000 if you die from an accident incurred while travelling on official American Legion business – including to and from our monthly meetings – or it $1,000 for any other covered accidents.  Enrollment is free, and you only have to do it one time, as long as you keep your Legion membership dues current.  The easiest way to enroll is to sign up
online here   It takes just a few minutes but be sure to have your membership # handy.  The website has more information on what is covered and information on additional coverage plans you be interested in.  However, you are not compelled to purchase anything else.
2nd Vice Commander Steve Elliott announced that we have a new laminator, so bring your new membership card to the next meeting to have it laminated for a professional look.
On January 22nd, our Honor Guard performed military honors at DFW National Cemetery for Post 21 member Robert F. LaRue.
On January 24th, our Color Guard posted colors at The Tribute Golf Club for the Chamber of Commerce Salute to the Stars Gala which honors the “best of the best” businesses in The Colony.
“The Wall That Heals,” which is a ¾ scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, along with a mobile education center is coming to Lewisville.  The wall will be on display 24 hour a day Thursday, May 2nd through Sunday, May 5th just west of the Bob Wiseman Soccer Complex at Lewisville Lake Park.  Volunteers are needed to man the exhibit. If interested, go the
website here 

Dick Ensweiler

​Commander Holley-Riddle Post 21